Chlorine dioxide generator

Chlorine dioxide generatorThe EuroClean OXCL chlorine dioxide generator is designed for the safe preparation of chlorine dioxide solution – ClO2 (chlorine dioxide) and further disinfection of drinkable, hot service or industrial water.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosisReverse osmosis water treatment for industries, smaller businesses and households. Reverse osmosis systems are capable of producing demineralized water suitable for technological purposes.

Water softeners

Water softenersThe entire range of products for water softening in households and industry. Automatic water softeners for homes and cottages. Scaling and fouling prevention appliances. 

Removers of iron and manganese

Removeres of iron and manganeseCombined water treatment AquaEmix softens water and prevents the formation of scale, deprives the water of manganese, ammonia and bacteria, thus eliminates the unpleasant odor.

Treatment plants for hot water

Treatment plants hot waterHot water treatment plant Euroclean KEUV TV provides continuous filtration of iron, turbidity and insoluble solids from hot water. Protects heat and hot water systems from limescale and incrusts layup.

Adjustment of cooling water

Adjustment of cooling waterEuroclean KEUV CV plant ensures protection of cooling towers and heat exchangers from clogging and incrustation, provides continuous filtration of insoluble substances from the cooling circuits and also disinfection of water in the cooling circuits.  

Disinfection dosage

Disinfection dosageAquaDos devicec maintain continuous dosage of a diluted sodium hydrochloride (Savo original). Efficient method of a microbiological protection of drinkable water.

UV disinfection

UV disinfectionModern and ecological way of water disinfection without chemicals is to use a UV lamp.

Water filters

Water filtersWater filters to remove impurities are always designed for a particular group of substances. These filters remove nitrates, chlorine, detergent, iron, copper, as well as other chemicals or hard water.

Removers of nitrate

Removers of nitrateRemovers of nitrate NaMix solve the problem of nitrates in the water, operate on the principle of ion exchange, where at each passing a special blend NO3- binds and releases anions of Cl.


PumpsSell various types of pumps. Pumps for wells, classic submersible ones, sewadge water pumps, pumps for circulating water, self-priming pumps and other kinds of various brands.

Domestic waterworks

Domestic waterworksDomestic pumps, expansion vessels and accessories from manufacturers Calpeda, Wilo, Speroni, GWS, Joval Electropumps, Leader Pumps, CIMM, Sigma.


ChemicalsRegeneration salt, corrosion inhibitors, ion exchangers, plate heat exchangers cleaners, cooling circuit cleaners, biocides.

Block plants

Block plantsAutomatic block water treatment plants for filling and refilling of closed cooling and hot water circuits, steam generator and low-pressure steam boiler power supply.

Sand filters

Sand filtersSand filters with automated flush.

Pressure vessels

Pressure vesselsPressure vessels to keep a steady pressure inside water circuits.

Fountains, waterspouts

Fountains, waterspoutsWe provide complete filtration technology and water treatment for fountains and spouts including disinfection dispensers. At your request we will provide appropriate construction works.

Leader in water treatment

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