Removal of iron, manganese, hardness, ammonium and COD

Multifunctional solution for water treatment

  • Removes iron, manganese, water hardness, ammonium and COD
  • Reduces wear and tear on appliances and power consumption
  • Apartments, houses, cottages, smaller businesses
  • The device is fully automatic
  • Apartments, houses, cottages, smaller businesses

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AquaEmix water treatment plant for households

What does AquaEmix serve for

AquaEmix is ​​a multifunctional water treatment plant with a wide range of filtered substances, effectively addressing the most typical water quality problems. AquaEmix reliably removes iron, manganese, hardness, ammonium ions and organic impurities from water.

This combined water treatment solution delivers two to three times cost savings compared to conventional technologies.

Iron and manganese cause stains on sanitary and loundry. They settle in the pipelines to wash out as rust or dark brown suspension. Water hardness causes incrustations on pipes, fittings, boilers, washing machine heaters, and kettles. Ammonium ions and organic substances promote the occurrence of bacteria and in themselves are harmful to health.

In groundwater from wells, the limits for these parameters are often exceeded all at the same time. Thus, AquaEmix combines the functionality of up to five different devices in one.

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How does AquaEmix work

Cut AquaEmix

AquaEmix works on the principle of ion exchange, when a special patented filtration mixture catches unwanted substances.

The cartridge is regularly regenerated with brine.

Regeneration does not require a high flow of water or a large amount of tablet salt, and AquaEmix is therefore economically ahead of other similar products.


The AquaEmix can be connected to the main water supply to a building or a device using a bypass fitting.

The outlet of wastewater that flows out of the filter during the regeneration is introduced to a drain. The final step is to set the control valve to suit your needs.

AquaEmix connection


AquaEmix 450S
Dimensions in mm (width/height/depth) 1150x520x340
Weight (kg) 36
Input / Output Connections 1″
Waste connection 1/2″
Flow (m³/h) 1,2
Operating temperature: (˚C) 5 – 45
Average regeneration time 60 min

Power supply: 100-240V| Operating pressure: 1,5 – 6 bar

Automatic operation

service life


Your experience

The treatment plant has solved our problems with iron water.
Jana, Rumburk

We have had AquaEmix installed for three months and I have to say that the water really tastes better. And no trace of turbidity.
Daniel, Únětice

I would like to thank Mr Hoffreiter for the quick installation of the device. Problem solved.
Karel, Velká dobrá

We have been tormented for a long time by lime scale and rust. Our water is now crystal clear. Thank you.
Vágnerovi, Lhota

Thank you for quickly solving my problems with water. The analysis finally came out fine.
Josef, Břežany

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