Dosing of chemicals into the water

Universal dosing

  • Dosing of exact quantities of chemicals into water
  • Fully automatic and unattended
  • Universal use for any application
  • Industry, apartment buildings
  • Chalets, workshops, gastronomy

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What does AquaDos serve for

The AquaDos system is used together with an impulse water meter. Based on the impulses from the water meter, it delivers a preset amount of a chemical to the water. Depending on the specific quantity and type of chemicals, a particular pump model is selected.

Pumps are resistant to aggressive chemicals (concentrated acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents, etc.)


Examples of used chemicals

Savo (sodium hypochlorite)

Hypochlorite acts nonselectively and reduces microorganisms of all groups. The dose of hypochlorite is adjusted so that residual concentrations meet legislation and health requirements.

Products for water pH adjustment

The neutral pH value is 7. Lower values indicate acidic conditions, higher values alkaline conditions.

To lower the pH, we use acids (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid), to increase it, bases are used (alkali, sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate).

Corrosion inhibitors

They serve to prevent or slow corrosion of water distribution piping, heat exchangers, pumps, etc. Inhibitors typically increase the pH of water and form a passivating layer protecting the surface against corrosion.


Coagulation and flocculation agents are dosed into water to remove impurities in the form of flakes, which are then removed by filtration (sand filtration), sedimentation, or floatation. Iron and aluminum sulphates and chlorides are commonly used. Calcium hydroxide (lime) may also serve as a coagulant.


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