Demineralization of process water


  • Reduction of water electrical conductivity to 0.5 μS/cm
  • Water demineralizatin after reverse osmosis
  • Demineralization lines, rinsing water
  • Water for refilling of steam generators


What does AquaBed serve for

AquaBed demineralization filters are designed for operations where high water purity is required. The filter is filled with mixed ion-exchange resins, which, when water is passing through, capture all the mineral salts. The result is a perfectly clean water. The filter mixture must be replaced once in a while.

Frequent application of AquaBed can be found in plants where it is necessary to reduce electrical conductivity of the water to a minimum. This method of water treatment can achieve an electrical conductivity approaching 0.5 μS/cm, which is not normally achieved by reverse osmosis.

Clean water AquaBed


AquaBed 5AquaBed 10AquaBed 30AquaBed 60
Dimensions in mm (width/height/depth)500 x 206 x 2061000 x 206 x 2061450 x 257 x 2571450 x 335 x 335
Vessel (”)8×178×3510×5413×54
Weight (kg)7154672
Input / Output Connections3/8”1/2”1/2”3/4”
Capacity at 0 °dH (l)2 5007 50015 00030 000
Capacity at 20 °dH (l)2006001 2002 400
Flow (l/h)75150300600
Operating temperature (˚C)5 – 455 – 455 – 455 – 45
Operating pressure (bar)1,5 – 61,5 – 61,5 – 61,5 – 6

Automatic operation




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