Filtration of coarse impurities

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  • Continuously removes insoluble impurities from water
  • Permanent water supply even during cleaning
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Water pre-treatment for softeners, reverse osmosis
  • Water filtration for irrigation systems

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Automatic mesh filters

What does the mesh filters serve for

Mesh and disc filters are often the first filtration step of mechanical (undissolved) impurities removal, whether it is from surface, underground, industrial or drinking water.

For surface and underground water, they are used for filtration of coarse impurities such as leaves, pollen, algae, sand, coarser sludge, etc. For domestic and industrial water circuits (most often cooling circuits) various insoluble impurities form.

The impurities can be formed by precipitation when the water properties change (heating, evaporation, oxidation, etc.), from corrosion of pipeline material or may come from other objects with which the water comes into contact (eg if water is used to rinse products).

These impurities can clog parts of the system, or degrade products. Last but not least, bacteria can propagate on their surface, causing further problems. The easiest method to remove undissolved substances from water is mechanical filtration on a mesh or disk filter.

Such a water filter can remove particles larger than the width of its gaps (typically in the tens of micrometers).

The advantage of mesh and disk filters lies in the ability to continuously filter without interruption of operation, automatic and unattended operation, long life of filter elements and large filtering capacity.

How does mesh filters work

The filters operate on the principle of a sieve with selected gap size. Larger particles are trapped on the surface of the sieve, from where they are automatically removed either after a set time interval or on the basis of pressure drop (between the inlet and the outlet of the filter).

This self-cleaning function takes place without interruption of water supply and the impurities are flushed into sewerage.


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