Disinfection of potable water, hot water, waste and industrial water

The most efficient method for legionella elimination

  • Destroys all bacteria including legionella
  • Automatic dosing controlled by means of the flow rate
  • Fully automated, remote access and control
  • Hospitals, hotels, heating plants, hot water distribution systems
  • Public institutions, shopping malls, office buildings, swimming pools

Chlorine dioxide generator EuroClean OXCL

What does the OXCL serve for

Chlorine dioxide particularly excels in the elimination of legionella because it also removes biofilms, through which other disinfectants do not penetrate.

The OXCL generator safely prepares a chlorine dioxide (ClO2) solution and subsequently uses it for the disinfection of potable, hot or industrial water.

Chlorine dioxide is a substance that has been approved for the disinfection of drinking water and it has been registered in compliance with the regulation (EU) No 528/2012 concerning the making available on the market and use of biocidal products.


How does the generator work

EuroClean OXCL generator is fully automatic and designed so that the ClO2 solution is always fresh and maximally effective. The device has its own unique vapour filter. Moreover, it has a control unit, which shows the current flow rate, the amount of chemicals and servicing or alarm notifications.

As an additional feature it is possible to install a measuring cell that analyses the concentration of ClO2 in the treated water.



Capacity for the dose of 0,8 mg ClO2 per 1 litre of processed waterup to 10 m³/h flow rate/hup to 20 m³/h flow rateflow rate over 20 m³/h
Power supply230 V230 V230 V
Dimensions in mm (width/depth/height)932/480/1646932/480/1646932/480/1646

* Plus external containers 2×200 l


Easy commissioning

Unattended operation

Low operation costs



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