A complex solution for hot water

Ecological removal of water turbidity, rust and sediments from hot water

  • High efficacy in removal of iron in any form
  • Extension of distribution parts lifetime and heat exchangers cleaning periods
  • Environmentally friendly, no use of chemicals
  • Fully automated and unattended operation
  • Hot water quality enhancement with minimal operating costs

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Úpravna vody KEUV-TV

What does KEUV-TV serve for

KEUV-TV electrolytic water treatment plant serves for continuous filtration of iron compounds, turbidity and undissolved substances from hot water. KEUV-TV protects heat exchangers, boilers, hot water distribution pipelines and all other technology from sediments. Doing so, it significantly prolongs their lifespan and reduces their maintenance costs.

At low flows, iron compounds and undissolved substances get gradually deposited in horizontal distribution pipelines, in heat exchangers and in other places where hot water gets distributed. At times of peak demand, due to higher flow rate, these sediments start to whirl, which results in a subsequent decrease in water quality.

KEUV-TV water treatment plant is suitable for all distribution types and materials. With iron and galvanized distribution pipelines (coated with zinc) it reduces the formation of sediments that gradually decrease the nominal size (diameter) of the piping. With distribution piping made of plastic it very effectively prevents from the formation of limescale, that may, in the form of small balls and little flakes, clog water-saving aerators on the water outlets, elbow pipes and other risk areas. KEUV-TV significantly decreases the interval of mechanical and chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, and with boilers it reduces the frequency of heat exchangers replacement. Having clean heat exchange surface prevents energy loss and regulation problems.

A secondary benefit is the additional disinfection of hot water, which contributes to the reduction of microbiological life in distribution piping.

Oxidation- reduction (redox) reactions come about on the surface of the cathode and the anode and it results in the formation of a small amount of chlorine and oxygen radicals that have disinfectant properties.

It is possible to enhance this effect by means of an additional installation of copper electrodes that can be particularly used against the Legionella bacteria.

Rustz water

How does KEUV-TV work

KEUV-TV applies the principle of electrocoagulation. Due to direct current the limescale (boiler scale) starts to form on the electrodes and oxidation processes come about. Oxidized forms develop a precipitate which is removed on the filters sandbed. Also other impurities from water get caught on the iron precipitate. The filtration bed gets automatically flushed out in regular intervals and the impurities wash away into the sewerage system.

The whole process is environmentally friendly, without the use of chemicals and it requires no involvement of operation staff. The effects of the KEUV-TV treatment plant appear instantly and the complaints about hot water quality cease coming immediately after the installation.


KEUV-TV treatment plant is transported to the installation site, connected to the hot water circuit and to the electrical network.

The flushing water outlet is connected to the sewage system network and the equipment is setup and put into operation.

Maximal flow rate (m³/h) 3,5 6 14 25
Suitable for number of flats (approximately) 20 – 40 40 – 100 100 – 600 600 – 1000
DN input/output (mm) 40 50 50 80
Maximal power consumption (W) 30 55 95 125
Maximal operation temperature (°C) 60 60 60 60
Maximal operation overpressure (MPa) 1 1 1 1







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