Legionella pneumophila bacteria which causes illness called legionellosis, appeared in the hot water circuit in Prague’s Prosek quarter.

According to the Prague 9′ town hall, the bacteria was found in a square-like block of houses bordered by streets Vysočanská, Veltruská, Litvínovská and Litoměřická. Specifficaly in hot water in a flat in the Vysočanská street on Monday morning. According to Matěj Čermák from Prague’s Hygienic Station the limit of Legionellas limit of Legionellas in drinkable water was exceeded here up to hundred times.

The town hall adviced to citizens to limit the use of hot water for washing of head and face untill the problem is solved, so that the water doesn’t get into their mouth, ears, nos and eyes while showering.

Disinfection of water by chlordioxide

Infection by Legionella, nevertheless, happens mostly by inhaling aerosols of contaminated water into lungs. See www.legionella.cz/legionarska-nemoc/

Therefore it is not necessary to fear hand washing, but especially seniors and people with lowered immunity should avoid showering with contaminated water.

Water disinfection will start on Friday by chlordioxide generator EuroClean OXCL

Fixing of the problem will continue until the Friday 18.9.2015 the lates and it can be expected that by disinfection the limits will be lowered back to normal in matter of several days. Disinfection will be continued for a month, though.

Information about the chlordioxide generator can be found here: EuroClean OXCL


Official information by the Hygienic station of Prague

Legionella Prosek

Legionella Prosek

Legionella infection

Legionellosis threatens mostly ill people with lowered immunity (smokers, people after surgeries).

Lighter form of the disease is the so called Pontiatic fever which reminds common flu (headache, fever, weakness). That fades within two or five days.

Heavier form of the disease is the classic legionnaires disease which leades to pneumonia. The symptoms are: dry cough, ilness of the lower breathing paths with chestpain, myalgia, growing fevers, headaches and neurological problems.

If you feel some of these, search for a medical help immediately. In rare cases the problem can lead to death with weakened people.

Prosek Leaflet

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