For the remand prison Prague – Ruzyně we installed a filter of mechanical impurities, generator of chlordioxide and a device for water softening.
Ruzyně prisonAccording to the request for a reconstruction of the original central hot water gas boiler room of the prison Ruzyně the heating of hot service water was complemented by the device for dosing of chlordioxide for disinfection of the HSW pipes in the area. Dosing of chlordioxide ensures a maximum possible protection of the water against bacteria.

Chlorine dioxide is, according to the notice of the Ministry of health 293/2006 co. and the notice 409/2005 co., paragraph 14, point „i“, approved way of disinfetcion of both drinkable and hot water.

The generator automatically prepares a solution of chlordioxide of the hydrochloric acid and a sodium chlorite. The solution is then dosed based on the watermeter data, in concetration of 0,2 to 0,6 mg/l.

Dosage within this limit safely secures a disinfection of the pipes, everywhere where the hot water circulates.

We guarantee that while using this technology, water will meet the requirements of the notice 293/2006 co. on the continuously used outlets of the hot water. The notice determines hygienic requirements for drinkable and hot water and the frequency and range of the drinkable water checks.


The chlordioxide generator EuroClean OXCL was placed in the area of exchanger station. On the inlet pipes of cold water we installed an impulse watermeter whish is used for management of the dosing.


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Description of the whole set

Mechanical impurities filter EASY (inner screw-thread 1“)

  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Controlled by manually twisting a button
  • Sharpness of the filtration 50 microns
  • Flow 6 m3/h

Softener EuroClean Aquasoftener 440 duplex

  • Fully automated device controlled by flow, with
  • time shift in content:
  • 2x filtering container 8×44
  • 2x automated control valve TM.F82B
  • 2x saline container with a lid 145 lit.
  • 2x saline well
  • 2x resin filling Purolite
  • 2x distributor with a filter basket
  • 2x top filter basket
  • Technical parameters of filters:
  • Height with the vent 1120 mm
  • Diameter 200 mm
  • Resin content 20 liters
  • Max. flow m3/h 3,5 m3/hour.
  • Ionex capacity 80 m3 x dH
  • Color of the filter / PE brine blue / white
  • Water attachment 1“
  • Vent attachment inlet/outlet 1“
  • Waste attachment 1/2“ outer screw-thread
  • El. attachment/ consumption 230V, 50Hz / 5W
  • Operating pressure of water 0,15 – 0,6 Mpa
  • Temperature of water, around max. 5 – 45°C

Dosing device EuroClean DZ01

  • 1x Mechanical filter
  • 1x Pump IWAKI
  • 1x Reverse pressure vent
  • 1x Dosing container 60 lit.
  • 1x Surface switch
  • 1x Suction basket with a weight
  • 1x Vent set
  • 2x Connector
  • 1x Impulse watermeter 1“

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