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The original solution wasn’t effective enough in preventing the creation of sediment in the cooling circuit and there was no overall solution to the hardness of the supplementary water. On the cooling towers big calcium sediments were present. Cooling towers were overgrown by algae significantly. Chemicals applied until that time were changed several times (Spectrus NX 1100,  Spectrus 1167,  Despositrol SF 5100,  Continium AT 4505). The need for a new solution arose also from the demand of a price reduction considering the chemicals needed for the cooling circuit treatment.

Solution proposal

To remove the problems with water quality from the cooling circuits, to prevent sediment and overgrowing of the cooling towers a proposal has been made to an immediate solution which contained complementing the system of water refilling with softening, chlordioxide dosage and an installation of electrolytical treatment plants.

Said devices were suggested to install to the open cooling circuit and the closed cold water circuit.

The benefit of our solution was that there is no attendance. The plants function on a principle of controlled electrolysis and serves for continuous filtration of iron compounds, sediments and insoluble particles from the service water.

For the presented solution there is no further need to use any of the currently dosed chemicals!

1.Softening of the water by EuroClean AquaSoftener 700S2

We suggested to connect the branches of the supplementary water from the order and a supplementary water from the well. This branch was then suggested to enrich by water softening EuroClean AquaSoftener 700S2, which softens the supplementary water to a requested level of 0,5 °dH (german degree).

Before the softening a mechanical filter of impurities was necessary to protect the filter capitals. Regeneration with this kind of softening happens once in 3 days. Amount of the water needed for one regeneration is cca 2 m3. Use of tableted salt in a year will be cca 4000 kg.

2.Chlordioxide generator OXCL 01

To prevent bacteria legionella pneumophila, algea creation and another life in the cooling water we suggested to install a device to disinfect the supplementary water Chlordioxide generator EuroClean OXCL 01.

Legionella pneumophila is a bacteria living in surface, drinkable and insdustrial waters and it often appears in cooling towers. Thanks to its resistance to chlorin legionellas are not removed in the drinkable water treatment plants, they come into the pipes where under the infuence of how water they multiply and colonize the whole circuits. The usually live and procreate in the so called dead shoulders of the pipes with minimal water flow, in temperature of 25 – 50 °C, in containers under the iron and limescale sediments. Infection can happen by breathing in the aerosol of contaminated water, that means cooling circuits, cooling towers.

Open cooling circuit

For the measured max. flow we suggested a parallel installation of 2 EuroClean plants, type KEUV CV 03.

Closed cooling circuit – ice cold water

For measured values with potential rise for future taken in consideration we choose the installation of 2 EuroClean plants, typ KEUV CV 03.

The treatment plants serve to protect the exchangers and pipes from sediments, CaCO3 creation and its cummulation in critical spots of the pipes. KEUV-CV 03 plants continuously filtrate the water in the circulation.

Photogallery of the location

Treatment plants EuroClean KEUV CV 03 secure a reduction of iron compounds content in the treated water, typically to the level of 0,05 – 0,1mg Fe/l.

The plant also protects the pipes from an invasive income of impurities, iron compounds and turbidity contained in heated cold water.

EuroClean KEUV CV plants are completely automated and require no chemicals!

Treatment plants were placed in the space of CHWTP (chemical water treatment plant). On the outlet pipe behind the pumps it was necessary to put galleries with DN 80 outlets provided by spherical vents. On these armatures treatment plants were attached. At the same time it was necessary to create a DN 50 pipe for the wash-water outlet, lead to the canalization nearby.

Tratment plants effects appeared immediately after the start.

3.Treatment plant type KEUV – CV 03

  • pressure max. 1 MPa
  • temperature max. 60 oC
  • diameter 800 mm
  • height 2300 mm
  • pipe connection DN 80 (3“)
  • elektrical connection 230 V/50 Hz, consumption max. 125W
  • flow of the wash-water into canalization DN 50
  • max. flow 25 m3/h

In case of need it will be possible to use either Indakor LAM, that is EuroClean IK 100CH or Novocor 226 as a corrosion inhibitor.

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