You can’t probably avoid well water treatment. Quality of the water unfortunatelly lacks the required level in most locations and therefore it is needed to reach for some form of improvement.In Czech Republic, up to one tenth of cizizens uses their own sources of water such as well or a garden drill to supply their homes which makes a well water treatment rather commonly solved issue.

First find out what You are treating – ask for analysis of Your water

The analysis will determine the water quality. If you don’t own a well or drill yet, start with the hydrogeological research. The analysis will tell you what form of treatment to choose.


What are the most common issues of water?

Common causes of the well or drill water soiling

Before the treatment itself it is necessary to find out the specific cause of the water contamination. It might not be a permanent problem.

Possible causes:

  • breach of the adviced distance from cesspools, pits, fertilized fields or a cowshed
  • inappropriate lid to the well, no waterproof cover, surface water leaking inside
  • inappropriate pump (rust can get into water)
  • only occassional use of the well (sediments settle)

Map of the water hardness

map of the water hardness in Czech Republic

Map of the most commonly solved problem of water in Czech Republic – water hardness.

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