Uran ve vodě

Drinking water limits: total alpha activity of 0.2 Bq/l, Uranium alone 0.015 mg/l (ppm) i.e. 15 μg/l (ppb)

Visible signs
  • Without color, taste or odor
  • Irradiation, toxicity

Removing uranium from water

  • Adsorption on ferric material or on a special ion exchange resin

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Uranium can get into the water from bedrock. Mining and waste from mining can facilitate uranium release into the environment. The risk of uranium lies both in its radioactivity and its toxicity as a heavy metal. Uranium tends to accumulate in the body.

Removal from water is accomplished by adsorption on a suitable material. This process is single use and the adsorption material must be disposed of as hazardous radioactive waste, after its capacity is depleted.

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