Microscopic particulate

Limits for drinking water: abioseston 10%, number of organisms 50 individuals/ml, living organisms 0 individuals/ml

Visible signs
  • Turbidity in water, at the bottom or on the surface
  • May cause nausea, diarrhea and vomiting

Water cleaning

  • Principle: mechanical filtration, disinfection

We have been adjusting the water since 1999

The microscopic particulate analysis includes cyanobacteria and all eukaryotic organisms (e.g. algae, protozoa, micromycotes, rotifers, nematodes). Bacteria are not mentioned here. Abioseston is floating non-living matter, either inorganic (sand grains, corrosion products) or organic (remains of shells and exoskeletons of organisms, pollen grains, plant tissue remains, etc.) This material is mainly found in surface water.

The presence of a large number of living organisms can cause digestive or other problems. In the worst case, even parasitic infestation. Most objects visible under the microscope can be removed by mechanical filtration. However, in the case of living organisms, disinfection or algicide (for algae) must also be used to dispose of them and to protect the system against further proliferation.

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