Cyanide in water

Limits for drinking water: 0.050 mg/l (ppm) i.e. 50 µg/l (ppb)

Visible signs
  • Almond smell
  • Not every individual can smell the toxic concentration
  • Death

Removal of cyanide from water

  • Principle: special ion exchanger, reverse osmosis, chlorine oxidation, in wastewater by a biological treatment plant

We have been adjusting the water since 1999

Cyanides get into water almost exclusively by human activities, whether it is mining or industry. Most toxic are the so-called free cyanides. Fortunately, they are the least stable ones. Acute cyanide poisoning blocks the ability of cells to receive oxygen, resulting in coma, spasms, heart arrest and death.

Our products solve this problem
Water treatment for industry and households

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