Drinking water disinfection

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  • Destruction of bacteria
  • Does not use any chemicals
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What does the UV lamp serve for

UV lamps serve for the elimination of microorganisms – water disinfection. They eliminate a wide range of bacteria and viruses. It is a simple and easy solution that does not change the composition of water.

Microorganisms live everywhere around us. They occur in small quantities in any water and, if their number exceeds a certain threshold, are harmful to human health. The source of microbiological contamination of wells and other sources of water is the surrounding environment – surface runoff, leakage from the surroundings, fallout from the air. Some specific microorganisms are the cause of serious diseases and their presence is undesirable even in a minimal amount. They are mainly bacteria of faecal origin, which get into water sources from the leaking cespools or from the surface waters into which sewerage is discharged.

With greater water consumption, chemical disinfection of water is usually chosen, since it has its advantages. However, for smaller consumers, the ideal choice is a cheaper and maintenance-free UV lamp.


How does the UV lamp works

The device consists of a hollow stainless steel cylinder through which the water flows. A UV fluorescent lamp is inserted inside the cylinder. UV light output and cylinder dimensions are designed so that the water is illuminated evenly, with the correct intensity and for a sufficient amount of time. This ensures reliable destruction of microorganisms, the radiation damages the genetic information of bacteria and viruses, and also causes their disintegration.

For proper functioning, the water needs to be clear enough. Color and haze reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, the UV lamp is usually installed as the last element of the water treatment plant or, if installed separately, is fitted with a mechanical pre-filter. The whole process is only physical, without any chemicals. The germicidal (germs destroying) effects of the lamp are unfortunately not permanent, the treated water is intended for immediate consumption, otherwise there is a risk of bacteria re-growth. The lamp does not require any additional accessories. It reliably disinfects running water, regardless of actual consumption, until its maximum flow rate is exceeded. The lifetime of the fluorescent lamp is about a year of continuous operation. For irregularly used objects, the lamp can simply be turned off which will save its lifetime.

UV lamp


It’s very simple. The coarse particle prefilter and pre-assembled UV lamp are connected to a bypass fitting at the installation site. After checking the tightness of the connections, the power adapter is connected to a socket (230V). After that, you only have to check the pre-filter visually from time to time, and to replace the cartridge, if clogged. In case of an unusual drop in lamp efficiency, it is also necessary to check if the silicon tube is not covered with mineral or organic film and, if necessary, clean it. Our service technicians will be happy to mount and launch the device for you.

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