Our company is one of the biggest in water treatment field in Czech Republic. For more than fifteen years we have been offering various equipment for water cleaning, filtering and disinfection to reach the highest quality standards. We produce variable chlorine dioxide generators, custom-built right to the needs of our clients (including one or more pumps, measuring cells, dataloggers, gsm modules etc.). Our specialization lies in furnishing hospitals and other medical institutions both in Czech and Poland, where our branch office is situated. Furthermore we make custom electrolytic water treatment plants, and we also provide water softeners, iron and manganese removals, reverse osmosis and more, everything in ranges from family houses to municipal waterworks and industry use e.g. glassworks or breweries. Our reliable advantages are regular equipment inspections, fast warranty and post-warranty services and repairs.


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EuroClean s. r. o.

Lidická 1348 252 63 Roztoky

IČ: 26141477 DIČ: CZ26141477

Tel: +420 224 811 900

Fax: +420 224 810 597



Sales department

Pavel Hofreiter

Pavel Hofreiter

Business manager
+420 603 143 934
Zdeněk Kočí

Ing. Zdeněk Kočí

+420 605 848 755

Eva Vyhnálková

Assistant director
+420 224 811 900


Technical department

Marek Příhoda

Ing. Marek Příhoda

Technical manager
+420 727 822 910
Jindřich Kotas

Ing. Jindřich Kotas

Technologist, chemist
+420 734 346 086
Renata Doležalová

Renata Doležalová

Assistant technical department
+420 733 515 187


Service department

Tomáš Pánek

Tomáš Pánek

Service manager
+420 733 512 219
Josef Novotný

Josef Novotný

Service technician
+420 739 251 790

Petr Freiman

Service technician

+420 603 208 147


Internet | Building Management | Accounting Department

Michal Třeška

Internet webmaster
+420 730 144 124

Petr Akrman

Building management
+420 739 088 546

Jitka Kazatelová

Chief Accountant
+420 224 811 900


How to get to us

Mapa EuroClean

Leader in water treatment

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