A unique event for the educational centre Wavin Kostelec nad Labem. The company WAVIN Ekoplastik, member of Wavin Group, is a significant european manufacturer and a supplier of plastic pipe systems.

Merit of the event was to manufacture a circulatory system. This model stimullates a difference of the discharge between an underpressure outlet and a gravitational pipeline with a bigger diameter of the pipes. It is unique and in Europe it can only be seen in Italy on top of here.

Used material

  • Bottom stock PPH container 1500x900x600mm
  • Top PMMA container – welded plexiglass 2530×905-300mm, th. 12mm
  • Pump Calpeda NM 4 40/16C / A 400V, 0,37KW, frequence exchanger
  • Security vent 2″
  • Pipes – plexiglass, DN50 and DN80 of seven meters
  • Overflow pipe
  • Connecting material, flanges, elbows
  • Automatics of the filling
  • Surface sonds
  • Disk filter
  • Inlet pipes, holders, glue

Whole photogallery

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