Removal of iron, manganese and the odor of water

Multifunctional solution for water treatment

  • Removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide
  • Removes suspended solids
  • Removes sulfuric smell of water
  • Households, accommodation and recreation facilities
  • Pharmacy, laundries, dairies, breweries, restaurants and others

AquaPyr water treatment plants

What does AquaPyr serve for

AquaPyr is used to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and turbidity from groundwater.

Iron and manganese cause stains, deposits, undesirable colors and odors, and are damaging the mechanical parts of the instrument. They settle in the pipelines and wash off as rust or dark brown suspension.

In households, the increased amount of iron and manganese in water is manifested by color stains on sanitary and laundry.

Iron in pipeline

How does AquaPyr work

AquaPyr function

AquaPyr works on the principle of catalyzed oxidation and mechanical filtration. Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide are found in waters with oxygen concentration. Through oxidation, they are converted to insoluble forms, which get caught on the filter bed.

Similarly, other undissolved impurities (turbidity) are collected on the filter bed. The captured sludge is removed from the filter by regular backwashing, during which it is rinsed into the waste.

The device uses oxygen dissolved in water. If oxygen is deficient, due to the amount of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, an oxidizing agent dosing system is installed prior to the AquaPyr.


The AquaPyr filter is connected via a bypass to the main water supply to the object or to the device.

The outlet of the water that flows out of the filter during the backwash is introduced to sewerage.

The final step is to set the control valve to suit your needs.

AquaPyr connection


AquaPyr 500AquaPyr 600AquaPyr 620AquaPyr 650AquaPyr 800
Dimensions in mm (width/height/depth)1600x270x2701610x350x3501920x420x4201980x500x5002170x620x620
Weight (kg)92150240320510
Vessel (”)10×5413×5416×6518×6524×72
Input / Output Connections1″1″1″2″2″
Brine / waste connection1“1“1“2“2“
Filter surface (m²) 0,050,080,130,180,28
Flow (m³/h)0,5 – 10,8 – 1,61,3 – 2,61,8 – 3,62,8 – 5,6

Power supply: 100-240V| Operating pressure: 1,5 – 6 bar | Operating temperature: 5 – 45˚C

Automatic operation

service life



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