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(for example. water analysis)

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Electrolytic water treatment plant
Complex solutions for water purification, including elimination of corrosion and sediment.
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Water treatment for industry and households

Chlorine dioxide generator

Water treatment and problems associated with the filtration, disinfection and softening the area, which the company EuroClean Ltd. engaged for 14 years.

Our specialty is mainly manufacture and supply of technological units solving the problems of investors substandard water and water management. In addition to technology for water treatment and contracted to provide complete design activities.

The main emphasis on the ecology and economy of our technology. The vast majority of our supplied water treatment equipment is not used for its normal functioning of any chemicals.

Water treatment EuroClean KEUV TV each day adjusted in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland 500.000 m3 hot water (DHW). Currently we adjust the hot water for about 1 million households.

water softener

Water adjust their own devices

Treatment and water filtration devices is performed, which themselves produce. These include ecological water treatment KEUV TV, OXCL to disinfect water, water softeners or eliminate nitrates, iron and more. Simultaneously, supply pumps, domestic water, filtering the mixture, and various chemicals.

Our Business: treatment of drinking water for households, filtration, disinfection. Industrial water treatment equipment for hospitals, hotels, dairies, boiler rooms, waterworks, breweries, swimming pools and more.
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